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Gila Monsters
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Final Paper
Gila monsters are very cool reptiles. They are the largest lizards in the United States. You are going to learn what the Gila monster looks like, where they live and what it eats.

The Gila Monster is a venomous lizard that has warty skin just like a dinosaur. They have scales and their black and orange skin is very hard. Gila Monsters are short, wide, and weigh 3-5 pounds and are between 12-24 inches long. The Gila monster is shaped like a large hot dog. They store all their fat in their tails. The Gila Monster has a forked tongue like a snake. They use their tongues for smell, taste and touch. Their tongues are like rulers too. They measure distance. When they are happy,they stick out their tongues. The Gila monster bites with its powerful jaw. Their venom is at the bottom of the jaw- near their nearly 50 sharp teeth. When they bite their prey-the venom comes out and mixes up with saliva. Then it goes inside the veins of the animal. Death comes in twenty seconds to seven minutes. He is one scary lizard.

Gila Monsters live in --Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and California. They are also found in Mexico. They like to live in the dry desert. Gila Monsters live in burrows. A burrow is an underground tunnel-. Because of their sharp claws Gila Monsters can dig their own burrows or steal them from other animals like the desert tortoise. They stay underground for 95% of their time sleeping and resting because it so hot. The winter burrow is better. It is deeper. The summer burrow is smaller so then they can get out and find food.

The Gila Monster loves to eat fresh eggs. Gila Monsters use their tongues to smell the nests. They crawl to the nest. They break the eggs then stick their forked tongues into the egg. They love it! Gila Monsters eat road runners, baby rabbits, baby mice or rats, lizards and insects. Spring is their favorite time to find food. They hunt on the ground and climb trees for nests.

I hope you like my report. Gila Monsters are very cool lizards. Hopefully, you learned what they look like, where they live and what they eat.
Research question 1-what is it? repitile-size-12 to 24 inches-weighs 3 to 5 pounds- color-black head and tongue-body with black markings-other colors-yellow and orange mix-
Research question 2-where does it live-habitat? desert-Sonoran Desert-Mexico-US-in a den-burrow-it is underground-95% of his life
  • what does it eat? it eats rats,rabbits,and other small mammals-reptiles,eggs
  • how does it kill its prey? bites it-they bite very hard and hold on really hard-when it bites down-venom goes into the skin with the spit-saliva-venom comes out of the lower jaw and goes into the saliva-spit in his mouth-poisons the mammal-poison can kill 20 seconds-seven minutes
  • can gila monsters help us? medical cures
  • how do we help gila monsters survive? endangered species-pollution-more houses-less of desert-
Cool Facts
Gila monsters fight for their girlfriends
Gila monster venom is being used by scienctists for help people who suffer from diabetes,Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.
THe Gila monster's pancreas only functions when it begins to eat and they do not eat often.
  • Book: Gila Monsters-Sophie Lockwood
  • Websites: askkids.com, youtube.com, nationalgeographic.com, wikipedia.com, animalplanet.com

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